Music for Schools and Nurseries

Music Sessions

These fun sessions are designed to encourage children to take their first steps into the world of music.
During Lisa’s sessions she uses colourful props and exciting instruments, which mean the children, have a magical time learning action songs, joining in with rhymes, moving to the music and playing instruments.
The themed sessions have the children keeping a beat, learning simple rhythms, singing, learning about dynamics and dancing. All of these fun, engaging activities help with language development, listening, concentration, coordination and self-esteem to name just a few.

Session Times

Lisa can run sessions for a variety of age groups, 3 months – 2 years, 2-3’s and preschool groups.
Within schools she works with reception children, year 1’s and 2’s, in the class setting or as an after school club.

Sessions can last 30 minutes to an hour. A typical nursery setting will have a 2 hour block which is 30 minutes for Babies (3 months – 2 years), 35 minutes toddlers (2-3’s) and 45 minutes preschool.

Music Enrichment

As an addition to the Early Years music sessions Lisa also runs Music Enrichment sessions which are designed particularly for emotionally challenged and disadvantaged children in reception, year 1 and 2.

The enrichment sessions help the children gain confidence and raise their self-esteem, we look at working together, listening and respecting each other. Concentration levels grow as they are engrossed in the different music songs and games. 

Through a variety of fun musical activities they are encouraged to sing as a group, sing solo, explore their own musical ideas rhythmical and lyrically, even perform. Listening and moving to a variety of genres of music from actions songs to classical, pop to African. We will look at simple picture notation which gradually progresses to reading the actual notes and a variety of rhythm patterns, this also aids their reading skills phonically with the picture notation and looking left to right. 
Composition is also a big part of these sessionsThe sessions are both rewarding and enjoyable as they children realise how much they are achieving.

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