Why music for under 5’s

Learning outcomes

Through music children pick up a variety of skills both musical and non-musical.
Here are some of the skills children can achieve though participating in music sessions.


• Keeping a steady pulse
• Understanding tempo – fast and slow
• Understanding and recognising pitch – high and low
• Understanding dynamics – loud and quiet
• Singing as part of a group
• Solo singing
• Reading simple notation


• Language skills – listening and responding therefore helping conversational skills, speech and articulation development through singing, increasing vocabulary
• Concentration - building up the time a young child can stay focused and engaged
• Social development – taking turns and sharing, being part of a group, interacting with each other and adults
• Motor skills – both fine and gorse motor skills, coordination, spacial awareness and dexterity - through action songs, clapping games, free movement to music
• Helping to build self confidence and esteem
• Help develop imagination and creativity – encouraging children to take ownership and come up with their own ideas.
• Number skills, colours and shapes, environment around us – through different themes and activities – e.g. counting 5 current buns and then subtracting one at a time

Above all they will hopefully develop a love of music through fun engaging sessions.

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