Musical Memories

Musical Memories provides fun engaging group sessions for elderly people, people with dementia and mobility problems.

We know music enriches peoples lives whether young or old. 

Bringing Musical Memories into care home, respite homes, day centers we will be singing, moving, playing instruments and using a variety of props. 

The different musical activities help to promote social interaction, with turn taking and eye contact. Singing and playing together helps with self-esteem and confidence as we make music. As we sing old and new songs the music helps to stimulate the brain encouraging memory recall, reminiscing and expression of feelings. 

Music and the use of a variety of props motivates movement which in turn helps promote fine and gross motor skills, playing instruments helps with hand dexterity. 

Singing helps enhance speech and language skills, as people with different forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s struggle with speech they can often still sing or hum along to familiar tunes.
Musical Memories promote active engagement, communication, and creativity.

Above all Musical Memories provides an entertaining fun session for the participants to enjoy music making and singing, among friends and hopefully forget about their aches and pains for that time and alleviate anxieties.

Sessions can be booked for Musical Memories to come into a setting on a weekly or monthly basis.

A Musical Memory session typically lasts 45 minutes, although we will discuss different needs with individual venues.

Call or email Lisa for more details on pricing and availability.

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